‘The Singer, The Lesbian, & The One With The Feet’ review by Angela Rose

Thank you, thank you, Angela Rose for this glowing review of Justin Booth’s collection of poetry, “The Singer, The Lesbian, & The One With The Feet.”

“I remember only too well being formally introduced to poetry in high school. ‘And what is the poet trying to tell us?’ my English teacher would ask. I honestly had no idea. Give me math, give me science, but don’t ask me to explain why someone writing about flowers is not talking at all about flowers. Over the years I read more poetry and even went to poetry readings from time to time. Most of these were not as difficult to interpret, particularly when the words were being shouted from the stage, sometimes quite fiercely. Yet, most of the time I still didn’t feel that I was really getting it the way much of the audience seemed to be. I figured it was just the concrete part of my personality.

Then this Outlaw poet, Justin Booth, showed up in Hot Springs at Maxine’s for poetry night. About a week later, his new book came out. I decided to order a copy and check it out. I read lines like ‘her kisses tasted like lipstick and vodka’ that I enjoyed so much I quoted it that same night.

I found myself turning the pages quickly, curious to see the next offering, then going back to re-read the previous poem one more time. Mr. Booth captures the beauty, the sorrow, the joy and the resignation that we have all experienced in our dalliances with the people who cross our path. Buy a copy of ‘The Singer, The Lesbian and The One with the Feet: 69 Bipolar Love Poems’. It will remind you of people you think of fondly and others that you would like to forget. And you will love every word of it.”


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