Arkansas Literary Festival is free event never to miss


Once again, we marked our calendars to attend and attended the Arkansas Literary Festival. And it did not disappoint. There were less “how-to” sessions this year, but overall, it was another inspiring event that left us with notepads full of notes and a re-ignited fire to forge ahead on our fun and adventurous publishing journey.

The Social Savvy session was most helpful. Authors Morgan Murphy and Desha Peacock have made successful careers for themselves with the help of the ever-evolving Internet and social media avenues. They covered things we’ve heard before but gave new insight to navigate and be noticed & remain relevant in the web of information overload. They both have a good sense of humor and appear not to take anything too seriously, including themselves. We think that’s key to anything in life, especially in the competitive publishing and writing market. You can’t forget to have fun.

We try to remain true to our fun & adventurous roots as we put our professional and polished touch on works that our talented authors provide us. We take great care in their creations, but I think they’ll agree it’s important to have fun and not take life so seriously.

Two new books have appeared on our shelves this year – The Singer, The Lesbian, & The One With The Feet: 69 Bipolar Love Poems by Justin Booth and Birth of a Poet: The Prison Letters of Justin Booth compiled and edited by Marcia Camp (Justin’s mentor while he served time).

We have other works in progress that we can’t wait to reveal. Thank you for your continued support and helping us remain relevant. And thanks for having fun with us, too!


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