Outlaw Blue: Pimps, Poets, and Preachers

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Another raw, authentic collection of poems by Justin Booth, who's lived hard and lived to tell about it.


By voicing his deepest hard-won self in these great poems, Justin Booth gives voice to our deepest truths. His poems, made from hard Arkansas dirt lived highways miles and the agony of hope, prove what everyone from Bukowski to Faulkner knew: that the Universal begins in the particulars of the human heart in conflict with itself.

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One Response to “Outlaw Blue: Pimps, Poets, and Preachers”

  1. Dedicated servers says:

    When I say Outlaw Poet, I don’t mean to suggest that Tony Moffeit robs banks or is involved in a criminal organization. He shows no interest in Eastern Religion, doesn’t write like or in the tradition of Allen Ginsberg, and is not even connected to the Baby Beats.


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