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One Response to “‘Evil Thingies’ NOW an e-book!”

  1. Rickie Lee Reynolds says:

    That Bookstore in Blytheville were ultra-nice folks to host an old rocker like me and my lil’ ol’ book Evil Thingies, and I hope that any efforts I produce in the future of this literary expedition I’ve set out on will always include my friends there at the opening of the first showing of the first book signin’ of the first edition of my limitless pit of useless information I call imagination! WOW! That was a mouthful! Anything I say after all ‘a that gibberish will only sound goofy, so I’ll just shut up now! But seriously, thank you Blytheville… and many thanks to That Bookstore in Blytheville. Y’all make my heart soar like a hawk.
    Rickie Lee


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