The Singer, The Lesbian, & The One with the Feet: 69 Bipolar Love Poems


This poetry collection is another fine example of how author Justin Booth ā€“ a former state prison inmate and drug addict ā€“ gives poetic voice to the often-ignored urban South. He talks of beauty in the ugliest places, the despair of poverty, love, and the redemption of the human spirit. His plain-spoken style and hypnotic use of meter allow us to join him in a bittersweet journey to places we've never been before.


Whether you’re homeless or a business executive, love has no favorites. Pretty much everyone falls in love. The poems in this collection span the entire time since author Justin Booth made a commitment to his writing. They may not portray the kinds of things you think of when you think about love poetry. Some poems are about longing and passion, others about the kick-to-the-gut pain of unrequited love. They are genuine and from that place that each of us has inside. They were written to move the reader in some way, just as the women Booth writes about have moved and shaped the writer and man he is today.

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