Publishing 101 : Part 1


As we shared with you a few weeks back, we had a great time at the Arkansas Literary Festival expanding our minds and growing as a boutique publishing group.

You’ll see we’ve added a new page to our site. We are now accepting submissions to help YOU get your work out into the world. It can be easy (ok, maybe not so easy) to sit down and write your story, but actually getting it into print – something you can hold, touch, smell – is a whole other process.

We’re here to help you take the first step into that next phase.

You can always opt to go the traditional route – literary agent to big publishing house. Just know the publishing industry has changed drastically and self-publishing is experiencing phenomenal growth. Even more important, as the award-winning author Catherine Coulter pointed out at the Arkansas Literary Festival, self-publishing is losing its negative stigma. With tools and creative thinkers and doers like you and us, putting a polished book with high-quality design in the public domain is not the far reach it once was.

Some tips to consider as you weigh your publishing options:

* Your book is the most important part of self-publishing. Hiring editors, copyeditors and proofreaders to make your book the best it can be is a must.
* Cover art is very important. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but a compelling image and design certainly helps.
* With a boutique company like us, guiding you through the self-publishing process, your royalties will be higher than going with a traditional publishing house.
* You call the shots!

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