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We know everyone’s time is valuable, and that’s why reader reviews mean that much more to us. Word of mouth can be so effective. Reviews are so helpful in reaching prospective readers. The latest review comes from Mark Stapleton on Amazon:

After having read a little spiel about this book, I met the writer thru cyber-space via a Facebook related site… a site that joins those of us who have spent a little, or a lot of time behind the wheel of a “Show Coach”… or a “Movie Star Bus” as the truck drivers know us. As for me, my windshield time was short and not so glamorous compared to Jerry Fitzpatrick, who has driven for some of the largest and most successful touring acts to ever take the American and Canadian stage. Whatever you wish to call us, we’re the guys you see behind the steering wheel if you happen to catch up to an ‘entertainer coach’, as we’re more commonly known, while transporting the most precious cargo on anybody’s tour… the people! Whether you’re carrying crew, band or the star of the show, the goal is always the same… arrive safely and on time. Jerry Fitzpatrick has excelled in that area, but he has also excelled in the added responsibility that comes with the job. As a show bus driver, driving the bus is usually the easiest part of your day. Dealing with the needs and egos of the 12 to 15 passengers that you carry can be a vaunting task, as Jerry so capably explains in this memoir.

But as you will read, the writer goes far beyond what’s required to tell the story of ‘Jerry Fitzpatrick, busdriver’. He opens himself up fully while exposing that that’s in all of us… the good, the bad and the ugly. He holds nothing back and gives you all he’s got… and he is to be commended for his transparency and total honesty. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to hear the story of an honest man, and how that man became a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Bus Driver”!

Thank you, thank you, Mark!

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