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It’s been a long time coming! We are happy to bring you Tales from the Trails of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Bus Driver, a compilation of autobiographical stories by Jerry Fitzpatrick.

“You should write a book!” That statement has been told to Jerry, a veteran bus driver in the entertainment touring industry, countless times. In 2009, he listened to the calling and sat down to write this book detailing his 25-plus years in the business. Along the book-writing journey, Cowboy Buddha Publishing was born. We are proud that Jerry’s book is our first release.

“I’m so happy my book is published, and I can finally share some of my tales from the trails with you,” says Fitzpatrick. “I’ve been working on it for nearly three years and the time has come! I’ve been honest about what I’ve experienced and seen, all from my perspective, and a unique one I have. Thank you all for your support with this project! I hope you enjoy the book!”

If you’re looking for dirty laundry or who was kissing who, you’re looking in the wrong place. There are plenty of tales to titillate your senses, don’t get us wrong. However, Jerry provides a unique perspective to this alluring business. To outsiders looking in, it is an amazing story.  To the entertainers and the crews (and their families) who make live shows come to life, it is just a way to earn a living. A little more glamorous at times than your average nine to five job, but a job nonetheless.

In the book, you’ll find stories of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. You’ll also find stories of redemption, love, humor, sadness and fun. Jerry has worked with a variety of artists and their crews — Barbara Mandrell, Aerosmith, Courtney Love, Emmylou Harris, Eddie Murphy and many more.

Tales from the Trails is first being released at the Amazon Kindle store. The print edition will follow. We, of course, will keep you posted!


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