Bus drivers entertain the entertainers …

“A must read! No one has documented the rolling commanders of the Star coach elite and Jerry’s done a terrific job of covering the details without getting sued for libel or slander by any of his impressive passenger roster! Get it!”

Wow! Thanks, Marc Silag, for that stellar review of Jerry Fitzpatrick’s Tales from the Trails of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Bus Driver. Marc owns Right Side Management/Left Side Productions, and like Jerry, he has traveled with entertainment entourages for years.

“Marc worked in the Paul Simon camp, among others, so among tons of other things, Marc knows bus drivers,” Jerry writes.

Jerry also quotes Marc in his Author’s Note. “Bus drivers entertain the entertainers,” Marc told Jerry as the two sat in a Long Island, New York diner one day.

Jerry goes on to tell us, “Depending on the level of expertise and experience of the bus driver and the group traveling behind them, just about anything can happen and does. That doesn’t matter! Everything MUST look normal to the fans. Well, normal in relation to the genre of entertainment you’re working, of course. Through it all, you must have a smile on your face when you turn around to meet the masses.”

See what else Jerry has to say … it’s all in the book.



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